Hattie Year 5/6

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On the twenty – eighth of July, the First World War started. A couple of days before Archduke Franz Ferdinand had been shot by a Serbian man. It was sad to say that he died and that’s when World War I broke out. Serbia was one of the first countries to fight and because they joined so did Russia, then France and Britain. Germany was the other country that joined first in WWI. Many people died but quite a lot survived. The people that went into the war were brave and they did it for us! And this is why we remember WWI today.

Bradley Year 4/5

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On the 11 of November we remember the old war men who die.A cenataf is were pepol put poppys on it to rember.People go to a graveyerd and look at the headstones.Poppys grew over by the tower of London.After world war 1 peapol came up with the name poppys so they can remember.In the world one 1 there are like 1,000 war men nealy all died.thats were poppys came from.Poppys are red there can be badges there made from black button,red papper and green pappr and they came with a spike thats the end.

Henry Year 4/5

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On the 11th off November people went to London to look at peoples cenataf who were in the war.And they wered poppys because when world war 1 finished poppys grew so thats why everyone weres poppy.So on the 11 hour and the 11th day we have 2 minutes of silence.There were over 1,000 people in war,so thats why we remember.In the tower of London thats were the cenatafs is.People in war sacraficed there life to save england,they are really special hat is why we remember,because they were all tough.

Ellie Year 4/5

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Everybody should remember about the people who sacrificed there lifes for us.In rememberence you should plant poppies for the people who died in the war.If you go to the tower of London you can see all the poppies in the field there is probally more than 1000.From today everybody remembers them on the 11 of November.Each single poppy represents just one person so lots and lots of people died.We all have two minutes silence to remember the people in the war.The poppies are red because it looks like blood.We should all remember them.

Maisy Year 4/5

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Many people fought in the war and sacrificed life’s for you so every year you should were a poppy. On the 11th month of the 11th day on the 11th hour you should have 2 minutes of silence to remember the people that died.

The poppy’s are red and green. There are many ceramic poppy’s that have been put into the ground in the tower of London. Poppy day is very important because we need to remember those people who fought in world war one.

I think poppy day is special to me because I would not be hear now.

Libbi Year 4/5

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Many people had fought in the war to save our country most of them died which was the sad thing.

On the 11th day and of the 11th month and the 11th hour we have 2 minuets silence to remember the people who sacrificed their life’s in the war for us and died.

To remember the people who died in the war we have a special flower called a poppy they are red ,black and green.

We can wear the poppies and in London at the Tower of London there is lots of ceramic poppy’s that have been put into the ground and that is why we have Rememberence day.

Maisie Year 4/5

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We have remembrance day to remember all the soliders that dyed in the war after world war 1 lots of poppies grew there and now they use poppies as a simble. There has only been 2 world wars. People make paper poppies that we can were and lots of places sell them some schools sell them. World war 1 was 100 years ago there probably will not be another world war ever. If was we would have to leave are family and evacuate the place they are in but if they were to slow they might dye .