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Welcome to our Digital Leaders page where you will find many examples of the work that our group is engaged in, at our school.

Recently, we have been very busy preparing a presentation of our first assignments for the staff at our school.


At last the Presentation Day arrived…We shared our work and our ideas
with many of the staff at our school,
demonstrating our capabilities and our knowledge of some of the Web 2.0 tools and sites we have been exploring and working with, such as Scratch, Manga High, Zondle, Infant Encyclopaedia, Museum Box, Purple Mash and E-Safety activity sites, Hector’s World and Cyber Cafe.

We all created our own Interest Space page and a Blog to display our work
with each Website and show its teaching and learning value.
We learned many new skills including embedding HTML aswell as using our existing skills to create PowerPoint presentations, banners and posters.



Working With Storybird

Our Digital Leaders have been exploring the exciting Literacy tool, Storybird. They have been busy creating their own Storybirds after first planning and drafting their stories. The results are fabulous especially as some of our Digital Leaders are still KS1!

We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have. We would also love your comments.

 Before you start reading the children’s Storybird’s please take a moment to

look at our additionl introductory Storybird created by two of our dedicated


How to Start a Storybird on Storybird

Our Digital Leaders Storybirds

Halloween party on Storybird

Leopard’s Birthday Party on Storybird

c3po and rc2b on Storybird

The Lonely Pink Cat on Storybird

Leo the angry leopard on Storybird

The Thief on Storybird

Jake the robot plays hide and seek. on Storybird

The poppies on Storybird

The new hooler hoop on Storybird

Jess the Westie Dog on Storybird

Monsters in the dark… on Storybird

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