How to Write Excellent Comments



Blog comments are really important.

Before we begin posting or commenting, we need to keep ourselves safe on the Internet and whilst we are Blogging, so we must make sure we know our Blogging Rules.

So how do we write excellent comments?
Just saying that you like someone’s Blog post is Ok, it’s a nice thing to do, but how can you make your kind comment better?

Think about the following things, to help you?

Did it remind you of something you already knew?
You could begin your sentence with, Thank you for reminding me about…..

Did it remind you of something you have seen?
You could begin your sentence with, I really like your post, it reminds me of….

Maybe it helped you to think of a new idea.
You could begin your comment with, Your brilliant post helped me to think hard about my work about…….

Maybe the post helped you with your homework
You could begin your sentence with, Thank you for your brilliant post about……, it helped me to do my homework this week.

Did it help you with your work in class?
We were learning about ………… in class and your post helped me to think about it a lot more.

Always say what you liked about the post in your comment.
You could begin your sentence with, I really like your idea about….,

You could also ask the poster a question, to find out more.
Remember our question words, Who? What? When? Why? How?

You could even tell everyone something that you know about what the post is about.
Begin your sentence with,  Did you also know that…….
I could add something to your post about…………,

What if you thought of a way of helping the poster to improve their work.
You could begin your sentence with, I really liked your idea about ……but why not try…….instead.

So you’ve written your comment, What else do you need to do before you submit it?
Yes, that’s right, Proofread your work; and how do we do that?

1. Check your punctuation….Have you used full stops?
                                               Are capital letters in correct place?

2. Reread your writing….Does it make sense?
                                         Have you used full sentences?

3.Are you PROUD of your work?
When you are happy that you have done all of this and you have remembered to only use your first name then you can submit your Excellent Comment.

4 thoughts on “How to Write Excellent Comments

  1. What a great idea posting these suggestions. I have made a note of some of these to help me when I comment on other people’s blogs. Thank you 🙂

  2. These are excellent guidelines on how to comment, I would like, if possible, to use these as a basis of coming up with a set of rules for our school blog.
    Thank you

    • Many thanks for your kind comments Mr Ahmed.

      You are most welcome to use our ‘How to Write Excellent Comments’ guidelines; so glad you find them useful.

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