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In a far away country there was a creepy house and nobodey dared to entre because there was a monstr in there. Then one day three boys went in the house and there was betles all over the flur. The door had sticke goo on it. They went upstares and found a girl called Rosie. She set her dog on them. They ran behind the sofa then she went in anuther room. Then the boys ran in the vilige and all the peeple ran away. Then superman came and said “how can I help you?” He resced the vilige. They all had a party and some food.


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Only a minute ago a boy was running to the park but he tripped over a rock and hurt himself really badly. He didn’t expect anyone to come. Suddenly he saw an ambulance so he ran to it the doctor asked “how can I help you?” The boy said” I think have broken my leg” The doctor said ”I will need to see your mum or dad.” The boy sighed “I don’t have any they both left me when I was a baby. The doctor almost cried. When they where nearly there the doctor asked “what is your name?” The boy said “Xander.” The boy didn’t brake his leg. The doctor became xanders dad.


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Once there was a boy named Alex. One day he went for a walk and then he was transported somewhere. He was transported to a Pooey Street. Alex saw an elf looking boy. The boy asked “How can I help you?” Alex said ”What year is this?” The boy said. “ What year is this? You must be joking! It’s 1215.” Alex whispered under his breath. “The Tudor era. Hold on, I’ve got a wire in my pocket. Have you got a car, I mean a carriage?” The boy cried, “of course, get my dads.” “I’m back to the 21st century. I’m home.” Alex said, smiling cheerfully.


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In a far away country along the sea there was a robber called Tom. There were speed boats as well. Tom stole one with out permission. The lifeguard rang the police. Then he SHOUTED. Get that thief. The police got on the police boats. Tom went all around the city. Tom got off the boat and started to run. He jumped onto a ferry and went forty miles. Then he went to a hotel. He hid in the attic. The police said where is he? In the attic said the owners “can I help you with anything?” The police went up to the attic and said “your in big trouble!” The police arrested Tom.


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One sunny day Tom was playing football for  Town Football Club. Near the full time whistle Tom was fouled and really hurt his leg. Unable to move his leg the ambulance took him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital they went over a beautiful lake. Later that day they got to the hospital and the nurse asked “how can I help you?” Tom replied “I hurt my leg playing Football”. He went have an x-ray it showed he had broken his leg. Tom went to have it plastered. After a week he was at home and he said “I love you” to his mum.


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One cold morning Tom was playing in the garden. He was playing in the snow he was building a snow man. Tom was thinking of a name for the snow man “”oh yes Dan”.  Suddenly Tom fell on Dan. Dan asked “how can I help you?” Tom said “”oh you can speak.” Megan Toms mum said “who are you speaking to?” Tom said nobody. Dan said “lets go to the market.” Tom did not say anything and ran inside. Megan said “what is the matter with you?”  Tom did not say anything and ran up stairs. Tom said to him self that is a very horrible snowman.


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In London a very small pigeon thought he wasn’t very good. In a nearby market a peregrine falcon was hunting a mouse through a very crowded London because it was near Bonfire night. Earlier that morning the pigeon n was hatched, therefore he was a hatchling. Breathing heavily the pigeon begged for help so the peregrine falcon replied. Smiling smugly the peregrine falcon nastily said “How can I help you?” and the pigeon replied with “I want to be like you, flying high in the sky and hunting mice.” said the pigeon excitedly.” Well you can’t.” smiled the falcon scarily.” Yes I can.” stamped the pigeon angrily.


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One day Dan the cat was with his friend Tom. They were playing with a ball then someone in the next room called Lewis asked “How can I help you”? Quick as a flash they went in the next room where Tom was. Without a sound they tiptoed towards him. He was really nice and was with his friend Abbie. He helped Dan win  

because he hurt his leg. He was knocked of f his feet because he was so good.

Then Dan and Tom went home together to have their tea. they had a treat because it was meat. They were so tired they fell asleep.


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In a far away country, there was a fireman called Theo and another fireman called Josh. Earlier that morning,
they set of to rescue a cat who had climbed up a tree but then before Theo could get the cat, it jumped out the tree and ran in the house. Just a second earlier, the phone rang.”Fire department here how can I help you?” “My house is on fire please could you use you hose because my dads in there and he can’t get out, please could you help me?” “We’ll be right there.”
Emergency! emergency! house on fire. Then Josh said “I’ll be there in a minuet.”


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Once there was a little girl called Zoë. She had a little brother called Christopher. Zoe’s brother wanted to play football but Zoe didn’t want to play. “Come on Zoe” said Christopher.  Zoe said “alright but only one game.” Christopher ran and ran .Christopher asked “who will be in goal”?  ” can I be in goal?” asked  Christopher. A few minutes later Zoe’s freind came along he was called George. Goerge asked “how can I help?” “Zoe said you can go in header with christopher”. “Come on your taking for ever” said Zoe. Quick as a flash Zoe saved the ball. Christopher and George said “awww so close”. “Come on got to win this one” said George. After that they went to have there tea.


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Josh is a little boy from Rochdale. He’s got a mother called Lisa and a father called Grantly. Quick as a flash the post shot through the door whoooooooosssssh. His mother shouted loudly “Josh”  “WHAT” replied “Josh”. “Don,t you use that tone at me”  his mum said.  “its not that it’s a boring bill that has just come so how can i help you?” said josh. “You can,t help me its got to be paid by today ” “well can i help you pay it by giving you some of my pocket money this month?” he said.


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In a secret base only for dogs a very important agent called Lou was talking to the other agent’s Butch,Scratch and Itch. Then Butch asked Lou  ‘how can I help you?’  Then Lou replied  ‘we have spotted Kitty Galore and she has sent us a video tape’  and then they all looked at the giant screen. Kitty Galore’s eyes started to glow in the darkness but then she said ‘Beware! If you don’t obey me I will unleash my ultimate weapon, the call of the wild and with this satellite I will make it spread all over the world and dogs will go completely insane,’  she shouted.