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We are better without bullying!

If only we could stop all bullying life would be a lot better. Bullies hurt you and make you feel bad. They make fun of you in front of everyone and this makes you feel terrible. No-one should be allowed to do this to anyone. I don’t think people should think about changing their appearance just because bullies make fun of them. We are all individuals and people should be able to respect this. People being bullied should make sure that they tell someone. Tell them who is doing it to them so that something can be done to make them stop,


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Why Bully?

I believe that bullying is disgraceful because people hurt other people inside. No one should bully. You should help not bully.

Name calling?

Bullying can happen in many different ways because like steeling and cyber-email, chat rooms and text message.

Being bullied?

If you are being bullied you CAN make it stop! Try to make new friends by

1. moving school

2. ignoring sir ten people

3. if it keeps happening tell the head teacher.

4. you can just explain.

Do you want?

Are you shaw you want bullies to win? Well if you don’t then do not say anything back. Don’t let them do it.


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Stop Bullying

Would you hurt anyone?

.Bullying is a bad thing to do if you are bullying someone or calling them terrible names if you do it every day that is definitely bullying.

.Bullying is a person who has hurt somebody the person who is bullying gets there anger out from there heart.

.Somebody could go around the school telling everybody to bully one person

.The best thing to do if somebody is bullying you go and tell a teacher or if they bully you all the way through school you should decide to go to a different school then


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Why bully?

I believe bullying is very bad because it just makes people more sad and miserable and you shouldn’t be happy if you bully.

If you bully STOP! Because people will be afraid

If you’re been bullied you can make it stop. You shouldn’t react when the bully pushes you or calls you names or you could just be nice to the bully then he (or she) could become your friend and not bully you.

Why bully when you could be a good person with friends so if your best friend stops been your best friend you won’t feel sad.


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Why bully?


I believe that bullying is wrong, nasty, disgraceful and needs to be stopped now!

You can stop bullying rite now if you know what to do.

Bullying can happen in many ways. Name calling is cruel because it can hurt peoples feelings. Ignoring is mean because people get upset if you ignore them.

If you are being bullied you need to tell someone who you can trust.

Like your mum, dad, teacher or your best friends.

Do you want bullies to bully you? Then stop bullying by putting up posters, make new friends or ask your parents to change your school.

Bethany 2

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Stop bullying

I beleve that if peple bully every day it makes you sad so you would not go to school every day .

Bullying can happen in many ways name calling is nutty because pepale might think you are bullying .

If you are bulled you can tell a adult near you.

If you do bully you need to stop now you cud hurt pepales feelins


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How would you feel if you were bullied.

You could be bullied many ways.

If you were bullied you can have many ways to stop and these ways are make new friends, Grew up, Speak to an adult, ignore and there may be more.

You can be bullied by Stealing, Name calling, Spreading rumours, Ignoring and Cyber.

This is probably all because the bully is sad or he might be angry and taking it out on you or he might be doing it for fun.

To make you happy make new friends and ask your parents to move school and there might be some more things to do.

This could really hurt people’s feelings so


Don’t be horrible because it may hurt there feelings.



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Why should you bully?

I believe that bullying is terrible, it has to stop and the whole world needs to help. There lots of people out there getting bullied and you can stop it.

Bullying happens in so many ways such as name calling, physically, stealing and spreading rumours, they all hurt peoples feelings terribly.

If you are getting bullied you CAN’T let it carry on, you need to get up and go and tell an adult. Don’t ignore it!

Do you want to win? “yes”. Do you want the bully to win? “no”. So DON’T just let it pass!


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Do You Want Bully’s?

I believe that bullies are harmful because they pick on the smart people or because the person is tall, it doesn’t matter. Imagine if YOU were a bully, what would you feel for others?

There are lots of ways to bully for example: stealing, name calling. You can stop bully’s FOREVER!!

Remember, bully’s can only hurt you if you let them! Let’s focus on the things that bug you. Stealing is horrible they use you so they can steal. Name calling is the most common type of bullying they call you names. YOU CAN STOP BULLY’S!!


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I believe that bullying is disgusting. So stop bullying because it can hert people’s feelings. It is somefing you do to hert people.

Bullying can happen in many ways. Name calling is horrible because it as bullying it’s self can hert people’s feelings. Persifical bullying is wicked because it keeps going on and on no one licks it.

If you are being bullyid you can stop it completely by telling someone.

You shudnt bully because it as I told you earlier it hurts people’s feelings. If someone bully’s you or eny  one els  stic up for them or you.


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What do you think about bullying ?

I believe  that we can stop bullying  because peolpe are getting huter all around the world  bullying is a simple thing from calling names to stealing are geting  bullyed as we spek  .

i have been in a sityouwayion  i have learnt to get over it and make new friends .

If you whot to stop it because you are getting  bullyed if they you nast comenter.


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Rhetorical Question

 Why bully stop BULLIYING

  I believe that…. Bullying is not apropiat at eney time. At school and awt side  of school.

Bullying can happen in many ways. Culling popul nems and frowing Them arawnd.

If you are beying  Bullyied you can try to fuget al abawt the Bullying what has hapend on them days.

If  some bodiy is Bullying yow tall a teacha  or a adult or a brover  or sistar or Cuzon.