Amalia Year 4/5

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Once up on a time there lived a girl named Dixie.  She had a pet bird called Bluebell.  One day Dixie & Bluebell went to Edinburgh Castle. “Wow its marvellous Bluebell!” gasped Dixie.  Bluebell flew up to the castle & started pecking at a wall. “Stop pecking at the wall Bluebell!” screeched Dixie noisily.  So Bluebell flew back down to Dixie.  Dixie turned around & then went bright pink with embarrassment because five people had stood watching the whole incident. Then she felt some thing wet drop on her arm.  Dixie looked on her shoulder & found that Bluebell had pooped on her shoulder!  

Sharna – 5SC

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The beautiful dragon was eating her dinner she had chicken and the dragon said it was dillshash.

The cross dragon was disappointed because his wife ate his dinner.

The dragon flew in the blue sky.

The dragon can blow fire out of is mouth.

The dragon can have babys to.