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one day George was in the castle his dad and brothers were out fighting.George was to scared to go. suddenly George heard his mum shot help… he went in and the dragon slowly stirred.George killed the dragon.then his dad and brothers come back.they said what did it look like he said it was green and horrible.His dad said come fighting with us. George said I will stay here incause it happens again.his dad said yes to save your mum he said yes. his mum said you are great you saved me. from that day on he was brave.


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A long time ago in a magical forest there was a beast… the beast was a terrible Dragon 50ft tall. One day the dragon slowly sirred up a plan to destroy the village. He didnt know there was a feresome knight named Arthur. who had heard about the dragon he said ” i will slay the beast ” he promised the king that the would do exactly that. so set off on his noble steed lancolot. when he got to the dragons cave he saw the flaming hot fire escaping his large jaws. with thousands of teeth spearing out of his huge mouth…….


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The dragon slowly stirred as St.George walked quickly and quietly into the dark, tilted opening of the cave. St. George hoped that the disgusting fire breathing dragon was asleep but he couldn’t have been more wrong! As he came to the enormouse entrnce of the dragons lair, deep within the cave, he came face to face with the terriyfing beast. The dragon roared at St.George, beause he had interuped his precious sleep. The dragon hated being woke up. The dragon blew fier at St.Geoge and they began a battle. St.George pieced the dragons neck with his unbreakable sword and dragon dropped dramatically to the floor.



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Once there lived a boy his name was George. He had black hair he had a mum called Claire and a dad called Clarence. George decided to climb Hilltop Mountain. so he used his ice pix to help him to climb and when he got to the top he saw something peculiar. It was …. dragon “I shouldn’t of spoke” said George as the dragon stired slowly. “Ahhhhhh run little one Im coming to find you” roard the dragon, “oh I love It when they run”.said the dragon and george pulled a sword out and chopped the dragons head off, sssssss. And he died


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Thousands of years ago there a lived a boy called George, He was very shy and had a lovely family. He respected everybody and was scared of dragons but didn’t think they were real. His dad gave him a sword for his birthday, it was unbreakable. The next day George’s dad was in hospital. He had been hurt in a battle with a dragon. George’s dad believed in him and asked him to kill dragon. George was shaking with fear but went to look for it. He got his sword out and as the dragon slowly stirred he chopped the dragon’s head off. Hooray!


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One sunny day, St George decided today was the day to try to get the treasure from the dragons cave. He gathered together his sword and shield and headed towards the cave.

When he arrived at the cave, the dragon was sleeping. He krept passed the dragon moving quietly and slowly as not to wake the dragon up. St George managed to get passed the dragon without him awakening, so headed towards the treasure. It was dark and damp in the cave, he could just make out the glow from the gold and gemstones in the treasure chest. Just then, the dragon slowly stirred … …


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Long ago there was a dragon called Gobble Guts. He was the meanest dragon you’d ever meet. In a faraway town there was a boy, he was called Bob. He was terrified of dragons. One day he heard that his parents were in the claws of the dragon. So he was going to face his fear of the dragon. So he climbed and climbed till he saw the entrance to the cave. He went in and the dragon slowly stirred and saw him. They started fighting, after a day they stopped because Bob had chucked water in his mouth and chopped off his claws.


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The dragon slowly stirred- he looked around the dark, dank cave. He sensed something was wrong because he thought he caught a whiff of human flesh and steel. He started to move in silence, edging his way back to the darkest corner of his home.The knight nobly entered the mouth of the cave. His shiny sword held tightly in his hands. ”Show yourself dragon!” he bravely yelled. A low growl echoed round the rocky walls, the knight leapt out of the way of falling rocks.”I don’t fear you! I’m scarier than any creature alive!”


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Once upon as time, there was a dragon he was called floba- doba-prickly. One day he went out to see another dragon, his name was flabodob. They went out together sometimes and play donkey kong, but to day they went out to a gragons flower place. After a while, they came home and had a nice dinner , all alone, just the two of them. Later that day, they went out again but this time they played donkey kong. When it was late they came home again and had tea and then they went to bed.


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Georgia the dragon slowly stirred and flapped her wings. Suddenly, when she was sitting on her baby eggs all four of them cracked. She jumed up with excitement and the babies squeaked. Cafully she lifted them and gently put them on the ground. However they wobbled and fell over because they couldn’t stand up. Georgia smiled at them and cafully put them back in the big nest. Then she thought to herself” I’d better go and get some food for you”. She quickly flew and gave them some lovly juicy worms. The babies had two each and gobbled them all up quickly. THE END?


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A long time ago there was a dragon,the dragon was strong,fast and fierce,there was also a man named Marcus, who was thirty years old, he had an unbreakable sword and he was a hero that worked for the king.
When he heard of the dragon he ordered his armour to be polished and then set out to slay the terrible beast with his unique troop,The Knights of Valor.
Each hour a new threat appeared and then he found the dragons lair.He entered the lair,the dragon slowly stirred and then shot a burst of flame fortunately Marcus was able to dodge the turret of fire and then he threw his sword.The sword plunged into its chest,piercing its dark heart.He travelled back and was paid a fine ransom.

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The beautiful dragon was eating her dinner she had chicken and the dragon said it was dillshash.

The cross dragon was disappointed because his wife ate his dinner.

The dragon flew in the blue sky.

The dragon can blow fire out of is mouth.

The dragon can have babys to.