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This is no ordinary ice cream, it’s Three Brothers Ice cream.

Inside this ice cream includes a golden outline in the luscious vanilla ice cream waiting to be eaten.  On top are two syrups and a bright red, plump cherry.  Inside are chocolate chips buried in the luscious vanilla flavoured ice cream.  Lodged inside is a small chocolate wafer waiting.  You can see a swirly flake slipping through the ice cream.  It smells deliciously creamy, luxuriously divine mouth watering fresh delectable delicious aroma. It feels silky smooth, the cone feels rough in your hands, and it melts in your mouth.

This is Three Brothers ice cream!


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This is no ordinary ice cream this is a minty ice cream with a chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles and a brown chocolate flak yummy.  The minty ice cream can also make your mouth cold and minty it is nice and fresh.  The chocolate cone is yummy when you crunch the chocolate in your mouth.  he chocolate sprinkles are smooth and chewy also it has lost of chocolate in the minty ice cream. The minty cream is yummy when you lick the ice cream.  The chocolate sprinkles on the minty ice cream are delectable especially the chocolate.  The best part is when the cream drips.


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This is no ordinary ice cream it is a sweet cone in a gently folded divine cone.  And chocolate chips all over the ice cream and threw all of the chocolate in the middle and all over the ice cream.  It tastes like creamy melted chocolate .Strawberry whippet cream all throw the delicious soft golden cream .this is no ordinary ice cream it is the best Ice cream.  The flake has got chocolate all over and it is so delusions and magnificent.  The chocolate drips of the delicate.  This is ordinary ice cream it is a gorges and sweet delicate and wrapped, lovely ice cream.


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The cone of the most delicious ice cream, it is a golden waffle that is so tasty.  The cream of the most delicious ice cream is a creamy taste of three different flavours of strawberry, mint and chocolate ice cream mixed, So Tasty!  The flakes of the most delicious ice cream, has the taste of a chocolate donut, yummy!  The sauce of the most delicious ice cream is fresh, sweet packed with soft, creamy flavour. This is no ordinary ice cream.  This is gobbleshock ice cream.  So delicious, sweet, creamy, yummy, scrumcaps, colourful and bright.

You will love it mate!

Callum 2

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This is no ordnary iceceam it is like strawberrys and cream in one mouth full. With its amazing pieces of strawberrys and a creamy textre with thick strawberry sauce all placed in a yummy cone. This icecream is masave and the cone is coverd in luxurious chocloate inside and out the crisp crunchy wafer cone. As you eat this icecream you realise this is no ordenary icecream as the taste exploads with every mouthfull as the yummy thick strawberry sauce runs down the cone and the choclate melts down the cone too. you can’t beleve how it tastes the chewy strawberry peices are like amazing bombs of flavour in your mouth.


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Delectable sticky fudge just waiting to be discovered sprinkles on top with ripple layers it tastes like heaven.  Crispy waffle dunked on top it melts on your teeth it looks like dipped chocolate sause its made from gloopy chocolate the fudge is very sticky coloured sprinkeles very crunchy and don’t forget the chocolate dripping and delectable this is no ordinary ice cream this is the tastey tickity taste bud.  Come on over to Dylan’s ice cream factory SO YUMMY!!!  keep eating ice cream give it ago.


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This is now ordanary ice cream this is the sizziling summer suprise. Its full of freshness and full of suprise.  You will never beleve it.  Its full of fudge its made out of hand made its drenched with cream and mint ice cream.  I am using a waffle cone some fudge , mint ice cream some deliciouse sprinkles and some crunchy nuts and lots of honey.  This is no ordInary ice cream;  this is the sizziling summer surprise ice cream factory ever!  You’ll never believe how crunchy it is and how it melts in your mouth.  It’s the best in the world, the very best!


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Soft, smooth, summer ice cream with delicious strawberry sauce. It runs down the side of the gorgeous ice cream. The sauce is red it melts away if you do not eat it normally. There is a flack on top of the ice cream the flavour is gorgeous. The chocolate is gorgeous. They are with sprinkles the sprinkles are all sorts of colours. The cone is golden it is delicious. The cone looks gorgeous. The flavour is strawberry ice cream. This is no ordinary ice cream this is soft, smooth, summer ice cream. This is the best ice cream in the world. Try it in the summer.


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This is no ordinary ice cream….

This ice cream is so delicious it will make your taste buds tingle. The ice cream is drenched in chocolate. You can get strawberry sauce it’s slowly melts in your mouth. It’s hand prepared and carefully made. The sauce is sweet and fresh. You can have a golden waffle and some marshmallows it’s so delicious. It’s traditional and yummy. It’s packed with chocolate and it smells divine. The chocolate ice cream is the most creamiest ice cream ever. It is the best ice cream ever made. Try it now.

This is no ordinary ice cream it’s summers best ice cream.


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This is no ordinary ice cream…

The beautiful ice cream is delicious luscious. It is hand made and it smells just like a lovely flower. The flake has lots of coats of chocolate and all of the flake fall of. The strawberry sauce is delectable and smells sweet. It is really luxurious as well.  All the rainbow sprinkles sparkle and are all different colours .

The cone is golden all over and tasted Lovely .

This is no ordinary ice cream this is Ethan and Thomas’s ice cream.



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Strawberry ice cream homemade, very soft, this is no ordinary ice cream, this is the essential ice cream. Mint chocolate, smooth, smells like mint, the texture is scrumptious, coated with delectable dark chocolate. Pistachio nuts, coated with self raising flour, smells like traditional, luxurious nuts. Vanilla sauce, creamy, runny, steeped, smells like vanilla. Raspberry ripple, looks scrumptious, tastes delicious, smells like a touch of raspberry. Turkey, coated with delicious cream, specially steeped with flour but no added sugar. Fruit salad, coated with cheese sauce, smells like fruit. Chicken fillet, coated with soft custard, freshly steeped. Traditional apple pie, coated with custard, freshly steeped, including some traditional rhubarb.


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This is no ordinary ice cream …..

Pure dark chocolate dripping down onto

The delicious chocolate cone. Smooth soft

Mashmelows will get your taste buds

Tingle. creamy strawberry ice cream it

Smells gorgeous .the chocolate cone is

So tasty you want believe your eyes. The

Sprinkles are really sweet it smells like

Heven you wont believe your eyes.

….This is no ordinary ice cream ….

It is smoother than anything in the world so try the new divine ice cream

It will blow your mind. It is verry smooth in your mouth. Melting slowly

Careful dripping mad it will make you want more. Fab ice cream.