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Once up on a time there live a young, timmed girl called Campand and she has a sister called Tinkerbell.  Then they went shopping to get some bread, milk, chocolate brownie, nail varnish, cat food, dog food, fish food.   When they went to pay for the sopping then they went very pink.  They went to the pet storle in the town and brought a annoying parrot what copy what they say.  They lived in a marvellous castle in the woods.  The parrot flew noisily to her bedroom.


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Once there was a marvellous castle with a noisy pink Dragon that flew around every day guarding it.  There was a man called Doodi who was hunting until he heard a terrible shriek from the tower, someone was being chased by the Dragon.   He was going to save her and was looking for something to fight with.  Doodi saw a beautiful sword and great metal shield. Quickly he went to the castle to save the terrified princess. He found the humungous dragon but instead of killing it, he made friends and trained it! Doodi, the princess and the dragon all lived in the castle together.


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Once upon a time there was a marvoulous castle. In the wonderful castle there lived a hundred thousand people.  The king stayed at the top of the castle and he sat on the royal king chair.  The Queen sat next to him incept she sat in the royal Queen chair.  There was a new born baby it was a prince his name was Aruther.  The young baby grew up to  be  a strong prince.  Suddenly the pink dragon noisly flew over the butiful castle.


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Once upon a time there was a pink castle.  Inside that castle there lived a tiny baby called Poppy . As years past Poppy grew up .  When she was ten years old  there was news about kidnapping.  Later that day  she got kid napped the man grabbed her.  Then a boy appeard in the castle her friend  said do you know were Poppy is no she got kidnapping .  With him he had a Dragon.  He flew  to a dusty old house.  Her friend saw Poppy he grabbed her  she fell noisily on the dragon.  The dragon marvellously flew to the castle and all was happy.


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One sunny day, the marvellous Dragon decided to go out around the castle grounds.  On his way he saw an enormous pink balloon that flew straight passed him.  He decided to follow the balloon.  It floated around and around the castle grounds, over the lake, into the woods and back out over the court yard.  The balloon then disappeared through the huge wooden castle doors.  The Dragon decided to follow it.  It went through the dinning room, through the sitting room and into the kitchen.  All of a sudden the balloon popped very noisily.  The door suddenley opened, the King and Queen appeared and screamed!


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One hundred years ago there was a marvelous castle something was not right. The castle was big it was very clean and it was pink. People lived in it so it was not that bad. The knights did not ride horses they flew in an airplane the airplane was noisy. So they set off noisily they went to fight. They flew of and started fighting with some other knights. They went back to the lovely castle they told the king and queen what they had done. The queen was very funny she had curly hair. If the king was bad she would look after him.

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Once up on a time there lived a girl named Dixie.  She had a pet bird called Bluebell.  One day Dixie & Bluebell went to Edinburgh Castle. “Wow its marvellous Bluebell!” gasped Dixie.  Bluebell flew up to the castle & started pecking at a wall. “Stop pecking at the wall Bluebell!” screeched Dixie noisily.  So Bluebell flew back down to Dixie.  Dixie turned around & then went bright pink with embarrassment because five people had stood watching the whole incident. Then she felt some thing wet drop on her arm.  Dixie looked on her shoulder & found that Bluebell had pooped on her shoulder!