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My olympic race was starting, my race was about to start when I realised the race had already started… So I ran as fast as I could, as someone behind me oertook me with drugs. I had to win, so I ran as fast as my big legs could carry me. I managed to overtake him and then I noticed I was winning! Suddenly the man beside me fell. So I stopped.


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One sunny morning I woke up, got out of bed, got dressed and had a wash.I ran down stairs and through the door.My race was about to begin when I saw my family watching me  I remembered they left me and I lived on my own. I was shocked and amazed that they  came. I started to run then … I tripped over! BANG! But I got back up and tried and I ran as fast as I could. I ran so fast I sliced open the ribbon .I won , I went home with my family.But before I went home I got a gold medal.


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The big day was coming up so fast . I was  competing in the 100
meters race. There  was an amazing  croud. I was very
proud of my country’s team GB. My mum was suporting me and
and I was proud of me too, for competing at my competition.
Olympian was a good thing to say to people because they would cheer you on.
When I heard  the gun and “i ran my fastest” and “I
won the race!” I was surprised that I did win the race. I recieved a gold medal and it was one of my first ever gold medals.Which i will tresur forever.


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One beautiful, day my race was about to start. The gun went bang? I was in first place but suddenly, I dropped to the floor when I was running. I coud he people cheering for me. The next morning I was standing up. My parant’s said” do you want to go out for tea? I said” no thank’s”. Then once I was waching the olympics I thought to my self I want to do my race again. So I called my mum and dad and said” I want to do the race again. My parant’s jumped up and down with happiness! I did the race and I won! and the crowed cheed for me.


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One extremely sunny day it was finally the amazing games. My race was about to start when someone came running onto the running track. He ran but still got caught and got kicked out. We started the gun went BANG! We went but I fell over I thought I had lost but I still got up and ran as fast as I could. I was in first, I won! I heard the crowd screaming. I went home to my family and told them “I won the the gold” “but where is it” “oh no I’ve forgotten it” I rushed back and collected the gold medal, I was proud


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One gorgeous day I  was going to be taking part in the Olympics. I was going to be doing the running race I knew my family were going  be there. I was ready to go and I saw that the person next to me was wearing an amazing watch I thought that it was fabulous then I said

“I have got no chance.” Suddenly the whistle blew and I ran and ran. Then I saw that the man with the amazing watch. He was right next to me. My race was about to begin when

He came past. When I was at the end I fall.


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One sunny day I ran to the Olympics and practised. I was shaking with fear I couldn’t  believe I was in the finals. I waited for it to begin. I   got in position and my race was just  about to begin when, I noticed that my parents weren’t there. I was so worried but I ran my hardest. I was at the back but  I ran as fast as I could. I was at the front. Suddenly I slipped but made it . They gave me a medal I was so happy I thanked everybody. I told my parents and they were proud. I kept working hard.


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One day my mum and my dad came to watch me in the Olympic games. Of course they sat in the crowd. I was entered in a boat racing then the hoster said “the winner is Zoes team” won gold medal for boat racing. My race was about to begin when the gun went BANG! That meant that race began for the hundred-mile sprint then the hoster said, “the winner is Zoe!” Zoe went to get her gold medal for the hundred-mile sprint. When my dad shouted, “that’s my big girl” then my dad didn’t know that had embarrass me in front of the crowd. I was proud that I am a team GB Olympian.


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One fine day, I ran downstairs to my Mum and she said “I can’t believe it your in for Team GB.” I was speechless.  I then went upstairs to get changed.  I kept asking the question and finally she answered me. My race was in London and I am in the cycling race. My Mum, Dad, Gran, Nan and Granddads came. My race was about to begin when I realised that the person next to me had a better bike than me. But I won the race! That night we had a party to celebrate at my house. After the party had finished, I went to bed.


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One faboules day there was a boy called Josh he was 18,and he was chosen for the Londen 2012
olympics.Today was the day at 12:00 the race was about to begin.But all of a suden the gun went bang  and the olympic people dashed across the field Josh could not belive his eyes so he ran across the field.He was next to the best runer in the world and he had  the best Nike shoes  the best top.Evrey thing he was 50 sentermeters away Josh was traling behind him  he zoomed across and won he could not belive it wow ITS GREAT.

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One exiting day I am going to race in the Olympics. I am so excited because it was in five minutes. My race was about to begin when… A grass snake slithered onto the track, then I heard the bang of the pistol. When we set off to race the grass snake was taken away. The race began I came last but I know it’s not about winning its about taking part and enjoying myself. My mum and dad were still really proud of me, and I am now going to keep practicing so next time I can win the race.


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One Olympics morning, I was in team GB for the Olympics I was in the canoeing race. It was 41m to get to the finishing line. My parents had tickets to the Olympics. Four people had to be on each canoe. All the people from England were saying TEAM GREAT BRITAN! The running race was about to start in 3 2 1 GO! BUT Italy won the running race. My canoeing race was about to start in 3 2 1 GO!  I rode and rode but there was a Spanish man who took drugs which made him stronger. I was in the lead. The man who took drugs was disqualified and I came 1st I got a gold medal and I had victory.