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One spooky day a lady and hear name was could Katy. And Katy went to the park and she fell into a magical puddle and suddenly she landed in a magical advencher. It had a magical tree and climbed up it and there was a magical cloud she went on it and it had candy land on the sighn. So she went there and she found a purple hours that was. So she searched around it and the hours was very nasty and she went nay nay and hear Ise went Red she turned as a horrible bull the end.


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Once there was a farmer he only had one preasouis  pig he would never let it out. He would never let out because that was his only animal in the farm. First he had a cow he attacked the farmer and askaped it got hit by a lorry then had a mouse it bit the farmer and askapd. So he now has a piglet.

One Day he looked for his piglet and it was completely gone he looked in his bed looked down staires looked outside looked on the roof he ran and ran and all of a sudden a spade hit him the pig had knocked him out and head first in the see and was never seen again.


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One day a man was going to his car to get his car keys to put it in his house, but stupidly he dropped it in a deep, magic puddle just then he thought he should jump in even though he could not swim that good but he did. After a while he thought he can not find the car key he poked his head up out of the mysterious puddle to see on the edge of the puddle it was just on the top of the car. Then his wife Rani saw him in the enormous puddle his wife Neely went crazy when she saw him in the puddle. She ran to the living room to get a long rope. Rani ran out of her house to save his
husband and he came out with happiness, and he said thank you with love to his wife.


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One day in the morning a ghost from the woods went to somebody’s house  the ghost went into the man’s garden and digged a hole the ghost sat in the hole and then the ghost got out and went back into the woods the ghost left his goo behind that looked like water. The man came out of his house and then he saw the ghost goo that looked like water the man went back in his house and got his wellys the man jumped into the ghost goo and he thought it was water and then he started yelling for help HELP!  HELP! HELP!   …


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One windy  day a boy could zigy pool aged eight .Suddenly he was climbing in mid air he fell in a puddle. He landed in a strange magical land .But he codent  get up .he was scared  men well I sore a window out side of the window was a but fall garden with toed stools he sore a door he opened  it there were two jelly been men they sed it was candy land it was very good he got  carried away so he was happy  he fell in a nether puddle I went home and had tea  and went bed.


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One day a man ho was 39 went to do a summer sult into a puddle head first because he was bord so he did it. he went past fish, seacaves and sharks it was a majic puddle he could not swim only with arm bands he forgot to bring them he was sinking for one year until a Scooby diver saved him it was a gang they took him to the light cool hosbital but he was ok and he to do it in a pool again and he drowned  again so he went to hosbital and he died.


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Whonce  a man  he went up a tree and he was stuped because he was sick and he fall off. But when he did he sank at half past three he fogot his car  at twelve he droped  his car keys at half one he saw a drean he went in . arhhhh  im locked in. finnaly he saw a frind he was called cool. he said to him i,ve lost my keys plice can you hlp me noooo

I don,t know you . so if you can,t help me you don’t want 100 pound right I will

Then right lets go then now


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Once a man named Cole lived with his wife and children. There names where Jasmine that was his wife Jake, Macie. All of them where very happy. One day Cole and his wife, Jasmine went on a walk. Suddenly Cole fell into a sloppy poodle then he found him self struggling for oxygen.

Crazily he jumped out of the spooky hole he thought where am I?                           

Everything was white then he saw his dog what died three years ago and he saw his parent’s….. He screamed ‘’MUM DAD’’!  then he muted im in haven….. THE END…..


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Stupidly  a man jumped in a big puddle because he dropt  his ceys .

One day wen it was raining I went for a strowl  in the woods and I triped over a hump and fall  in a puddle. One day a stupid man sees a puddle  and he thinks that it sank deep sow he jumped  in the puddle but he got out of the puddle  evern   thow  the puddle so he called nine one one  nine  one one and he fownd some  ceys and  he got one hundred pounds so he was rich and he bort a lambergeeny.


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One sunny but wet morning a yong man had a strole in the wood’s. He was not looking where he was going and whoop’s he fall in a pudl, a big pudl… He was yelling, yelling (in a watry voce) until a ginormos and brave man came to help.

What is your name, he asked? (in a weard voce).

My name is callom. Callom I will help you,hear I go,heeeve, heeeve

Plop there you go ow thank you,thank you, enyway what is your name?

My name is Bongo.

Wall thank you for saving me Bungo, your walkom.


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One day in the fifth century a ghost called binkerbonk (binkerbonk was a kind and hilarious ghost). This is from a day when he was alive. ”oh look some car keys they look nice.  SPLASH! A big water wave went everywhere. Got them,shouted binkerbonk. Now what car could they go to, oh mabey in the dump. where could that car be, there all crushed. Oh I no in the street. No, no, no,no, no, no, no. oh it must be where I found the key’s. I’ll get my whellies on. I’ll get my wellies on. I’ve the car horay, horay


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Yesterday the UK had bad weather, but not all of the UK dried up most of the UK has dried up most of it was just damp. One day a man had a jumped in the puddle he found some car-keys stupidly he thought the car was in there to so in the puddle he went it search for the car. He found this sewed that looked like sugar he ate it and then he found the car he wanted to drive ,but he can’t drive. But because he wanted to keep the car the puddle sucked him up and the car feath  was never to  rely bee well I don’t think will wont bee seen!