Amalia Year 5/6

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It was early on a Sunday morning when it happened.

I was sitting at the desk in my bedroom writing a short story about a monkey for an animal stories book, when I saw a small shadow at the side of my bedroom door.

Carefully I stood up and wondered over to my door.


A sudden flash in the corner of my room, next to the window, there was a little, purple, furry creature with giant fangs and slimy green wings.

Cautiously I opened my bedroom door. As soon as I did the strange thing that had been by my window shot across the room and stuck its self in my leg!

Alex ASA

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There it was… the most evil creature imaginable. A thing so deadly it sacrifices itself to destroy others. A goblin sapper.  It bursts at you with all its fiery power with a bomb attached to it. It charged at me. Unaware of the vile creature was attacking, I casually sharpened my knife. As it screamed its blood curdling scream at that point I knew it was there. I ran for my life knowing it was going to catch up with me at that point I realised there was two. They both screamed and they both blew up FINNALY


Morgan ASA

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A new green gloomy monster has arrived at the night zoo! Scary! It’s a horrible jar of snot!(actually its Goo) It was first sighted at a chemical factory ,a scientist  was shaking up some new chemicals and it turned slimy and green and…

The creation of a monster was invented; he called it gloop. The scientist trapped it in glass cage (because it slide out of a metal cage) so he shipped it off to the scary night zoo for the public to see the monstrous piece of goo. Its  fed with meat and sits there trying to escape.         

Kate ASA

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One night in the dark woods I was walking with my dog suddenly I turned around but
what way was home, I was lost… I kept walking forward I was in the zoo! Then a
giant shadow appeared in front of me “aaaaahhh” I screamed as the shadow turned
into an incredibly hairy monster with green eyes, a slimy nose, (which was dark
blue) and a mouth that was bright red, he had light green fur! All of a sudden I
fell to the floor and slowly shut my eyes I got dragged to safety the monster
was never seen again.