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One cold morning two orphans named Rowley and Benny were at home In Scotland.  “Ben Ben wake up BEN!”  He jumped.  “Sorry” replied Rowley.  “It’s alright,  I wanted to say  “lets go on a quest”.  Wow said Benny but Rowley how can we,  Mum and Dad have took the keys.  “Oh know”  exclamed Rowley “I didn’t think about those” .  “Im trying to think where the spare  keys are!”   “In the cupboard ” shouted Benny.  “Well done Ben”  They quickly opened the door and went they passed a puppet called Judy Moody and the bummer summer Im tired so am I lets get back.  yes i think we should zzzzzzz.


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One sunny day, I woke up and suddenly” I was in the queen’s living room. Suddenly I saw the queen walk past. I smelt the delicious food being cooked in the kitchen. However I saw prince William, and Princess kate. Then I saw the guards standing like a statues I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m about to meet the queen. But I  wanted it to be a surprise for the queen. So I  sneaked up on her so it would make her jump. Which was fabulous  I stared at her (but) I was in front of the queen! She had a beautiful red dress on. I curtsied to her and said, “your highness,my name is Lydia.”I had the swordon my shoulders.


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I was in the Queen’s living room and suddenly I saw the Queen.  She was in an elegant rose dress and the gorgeous Kate was in an amzaing lavender suit.

The Queen wants me go up on the stage with the  wantedThe wanted  is a famous pop group.  After I finished singing I went back to the amazing Queen to tell her that I went on the stage with the wanted.  The Queen whispered to me  ” Do you want to hear one of  Kate’s funny  jokes.

This is one of her jokes, “knock knock who’s there?” said the Queen
“Dr Who”  I said,
 “you just said it”  said the Queen.


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Staring in disbelief I peered at the Queen’s palace. I thought it was a dream,  then I closed my eyes and pinched myself.  I saw a huge crowd waiting to meet the Queen so I walked towards it.   I entered a large room with a throne. I saw a beautiful crown and tried it on.  I heard four guards marching towards me,  they opened the door and said,  ‘What are you doing in here? Take off that crown!’  I ran away.  ‘Halt!  Stop there!’  shouted the guards.  I ran straight into the path of more guards and thought it best to surrender.


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 I wasn’t in anyones garden,  I was in the Queens living room! Suddenly I saw the Queen looking at me so I hid in the wardrobe.  ” Who’s that?”,  said the Queen and then sadly I  said “Sorry.”   “You should be,  anyway where did you come from?”  “Nowhere,” I said again  “Tell you what, we’ll invite you to dinner,”  said the Queen.  “Thank you”,  I replied.  When is it starting?”  I said ” 2 minutes” she exclaimed.  “I’ll get ready then”  I said  “Okay” she said.  After a minute  the plates were served and the people were ready to eat and then time was up but when we had the british dinner, Phillip was talking to me.  He said,  “How are you today”  “Fine”  I said but we had a nice time together.


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One morning I woke up and I opened my door and   I  was   in   the  queens bedroom.  I was shocked.  Suddenly I saw a big boot,  it was so big i could not believe my eyes.   I hid under  the  queens   chair   and she   sat  down   on    her   golden chair  and I  saw  Katie she   was eating her breakfast and drinking a cup of  tea.  I quickly returned back home to have a street party.
Where have you been”.  You will never believe me mum.   I was happy to be home having some cake to eat. 


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Today it was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so I rushed to get my clothes on.  I went downstairs and walked out of the door and suddenly I saw the Queen in her boat…
I was in the boat too…I asked the Queen if she could go back so I could get back through t he door.  She said “no” because she was in the middle of a race.  So I swam as fast as I could to the door,  not knowing there were saltwater sharks behind me.  I swam as fast as I could home.  I was back home…that was very exciting indeed.


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One stormy night at the castle,  the king told the knights to come for dinner.  I got there i had steak from a cow.  As i came out i tripped over a rock and a hole appeared in the ground and jumped in….
Suddenly i saw a secret dungeon.  I found some coal and sticks to make a torch,  i saw something shiny i got closer and closer i saw DIAMONDS!  but i cant escape!  I began investigating the dungeon i found a notched pickaxe to mine ores like gold and iron or,  so i dug to the surface and told the king about the secret dungeon and the king to start a mine.
So we started a mine until the king had died.


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Today I was  going to find  some  fossils  and  try to discover  some new dinosaurs so I  got ready and opened the door.   I  found  my self  in  England 7000 years ago in dino times !   Suddenly  I saw  T rex  “run  for your life”  i  yelled.   A brontersaures  saved   me and brought  me  to a dusty swamp.  A  vloirapter bit brontersaures leg …   I thought about what   I   shoud do the triceritops saved me. s uddenly I was crowded  of   t rexes… out of no  were a stamped of  triceratops noked them out.  I   and     triceritops   went  to were  I came in and went  through   and found  my self at home  if  you are  wundering  I  ceep my  triceritops  in dads  shed


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One Sunday morning I was lying on my comfortable bed,  when I noticed something strangely perculiar,  it was far to quiet to be my house,  so I curiously wondered downstairs.  Then I noticed that I was in a lonely cabin in the woods, not too far from London.  I followed the sound of cheers and laughter.  When I got to Big Ben I realized that it was The Queens Diamond Jubilee.  Suddenly I saw a big bat-like creature.  So I followed this strange phenomina which took me to a cave in the woods.  And at that moment I realized that it was a strange dream. 


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I got up out of my bedroom and suddenly I saw that I was in the Queen bedroom it was ful lof gold .  Next door was the bathroom  and I could hear the Queen singing her best song and  I saw lovely steam.  I looked out of the window and suddenly I saw Kate in a lovely, fabulous, amazing, white dress.  There were six guards coming so I ran back to the Queens bedroom.  I was safe however the corgies were behind me,  I was terrified!  I didn’t know they were friendly I was playing with them.  I saw a key I unlocked the fantastic door and went in.


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I woke up one morning and stepped inside the wardrobe and there I was in the Queens livingroom.  Curiously I looked around I couldn’t believe it.  The corgies crawled over and then Kate and William walked in.  Kate was wearing a golden dress and William was wearing a suit.  Kate’s chef came running in and spilt some ketchup.  Kate was devastated.
I said to Kate  “I will wash your dress if you take me home.”
“Kate said “ok.”
Then suddenly I saw the Queen walk in and I was washing the dress.  We drove home and then said  “bye.”