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One cold day the temperature dropped suddenly and it was mince ten digress. I was dead cold you couldn’t even breath you wouldn’t be your normal colour you would be blue all over your body. It got colder and colder every day you couldn’t even walk into school. Monday to Friday we could go outside on the playground because it was so icy you would fall over only if you had ice skate then you could go and play. But sadly no one could ice skate so we didn’t go out on the playground . On Saturday and Sunday  you could walk every where …     


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one snowy day I went to explore a magical cave. In  the gigantic there was snow flacks It was stone cold in the magical cave. Megan my best friend
had came with me and she shouted “this is it” she had seen a hole in the snow. The temperature dropped suddenly and a cat with a mouse in his
moth jumped out of the cold hole. The mouse scared me and Megan we worded  what was down the hole we deiced to go down the hole…
down the hole was a boy called William and he looked wicked. He was doing an amazing magical spell.


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The following night in the great hall of the castle  King Henry VII was just sitting down to a nice glass of ail when a gard came in. “Your hinas” he said “it terns out that Lambert realy is prince Edwoud .”  He was just about to say something eals when he notest that Henry was keeping very stil. The gard put his hand to his head.  He was worm but then his temprichire dropped suddenly   then he ex plodded like a bom! Smok poring from his nose “then hunt him down!” he screamd “and bring him to me!” bellowed the King “y-y-yes my lord he said shivering rite away my lord” he said and leaft .


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One morning in the castle cook needed the toilet please let me go to the toilet you can go to the toilet said the king.  The cook laugh at the guards the king said back in the sell. Please let me go to the toilet. This is you last warning ok go now ok the temperature dropped suddenly the cook and the king were freezing.  The king said guards get her now coming ser when the guards arrived the temperature went back up right witch one of you messed with the heating me ser why because. I don’t  like you of with his head    


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It was a gloomy night .Ellie was scared then  the temperature dropped and the caradge rocked  then there was a mighty crack the door from the caradge swung of  and landed in a puddle “ no” said Ellie then Ellie rocked “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

cried Ellie then Ellie fell out of the caradge

 .Ellie got on her feet and chased after the run away caradge. Ellie went faster and faster but the caradge was way to fast “stop ” shouted Ellie “noooooooooooo” said Ellie “well I cant give up now” said Ellie. she ran and court up with the caradge and sprang in and Ellie had a wonderful  time.


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The cook was a sleep in the suer  and the temperature dropped suddenly and lambert sead “wack up cook can we get back to work” of cors you can sead cook whith Ellie gon we wont beabl to mack as much food for the visiters we haf to get anuther servernt and fast then Mick cam to work then cook reealizd lambert was gone then Kate shod up cook dortor then suddenly cook asct if Kate cud be one of her gratits servernts please I beg you yes sead Kate I will if you promis to look after me and do all of the lorndree .


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The following gloomy night cook was still in prison cook had the worst room ever.  He laie on the bed I never trusted that boy and girl. However a hour later he fal back and found a trap door.The temperature dropped suddenly and  Cook had a litle trouble.  But he did it in the end. Then he was in a wine seller he was cunfused .  He hered a noise he went to look.  There was a huge brown door.  He opend it. SCREEM get out.  Came from in side.  King henry was in the bath.  And that was the end of mishible cook.  Ellie went home happly.


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The following darc and spooky night Elle was walking in the florist and sodnliy she sour a Spooky man and then the temperatune dropped suddenly and evrfing stopt  swlin  the man was chashing Elle wizd up a cheer and the man said getdawn from there rhit  naw .it was crocked  it looks like it has arms Elle fall in to some mud and laves the hornbill man was running after Elle she was scard Elle was watt of  Bref .there was a howl Elle went dawn and put sum levis and sticks the man ran and stopt  Elle was scerd  and then he ran past.


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Later that night in the gloomy forest I heard a creep so I tiptoed so the cook could not here me but King Henry of cause was there but the robber was chasing me with an wicked axe and jumped out. Of the carge feely and the gloomy robber went away however I went in the kitchen and the oven was getting gloomy and sudley it explode with a boom the cook came in and said get up stairs files. I creped up stair” and and fell with a thump I thort what is happing I stord up and it was all a dream.

Chloe 2

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Suddenly the wicked beast Henrry Tudor sprinted to the magnificent oke tree where. Ellie was hiding because king Hennry  was on a mishene to ce  kill princs Edward who plase the role of Lambort. Ellie was on her one now and she was on a gurney to north walses to find her family calld the Browns she thought  “I hope that my family is ok .“  The temperature dropped suddenly and Ellie said “to cold far to cold !“ she nearly froze into an ice cube. Some one was outside luckily she did not become an ice cube the end.


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The fire blew out. The temperature dropped suddenly and I went out of the throne room, shivering.

Meanwhile Lambert was plotting a plan against the Tudors. His porridge slopped of his spoon. “TO WAR!” he cried shaking his fist.

He had an idea he went down the steps and let cook free. “Why are you saving me?” ill tell you later. They ran back up.” Attention servants and cook. We are going to war with the Tudors. We need lots of cavalry, we need men, we need luck and we need worship who’s with me!” 

I stood up. “I AM A TUDOR!” “HHHHHH!”


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Ellie left the castle to go to Wales half way on her journey suddenly the temperature dropped. So she told the driver I hate cold move faster soon she turned around there was a man as she stared at him she fell out of the carriage. When the man took of his mask it was Uncle Henry. How dare you lie to me I have no choice I must declare war. You are my niece why Ellie why? I lied because… you aren’t the real king of England… you are a big cheat you are a dispraise to England Uncle.