Hannah 6

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The noise was terrifying but it was better than being stuck at home with an angry mum and dad.

As the disco went on people began to leave my ears where ringing but I couldn’t go home now my parents would be furious that I not only spent my savings on a phone but went to the school disco when I should have been at my aunts birthday party.

By midnight the disco was over and I had no choice but to go home; As I made my way to the bus stop a police officer grabbed me firmly by the arm; ”are you Joe???”


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One sunny day at the great castle I went mineing inthe mine, I came back up I saw a button. I told the king about it . The king pressed it…
rorrrrrrrrr! The noise was terrifying but I saw a gight eagle. the eagle swooped down and gobbled up the king. I got my speshilg  gagit called the graber raber, I shot the winged beast and zoomed up on to it. I stabed the beast with my sword and opened up the king. ahhhhhhhhh! I was falling SPASH! Into the great lake, we went back to the great castle.


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One sunny day I woke up to took my horse for a ride. I took him up so I was ready to go. Then my friend came with her pony. We ride together everyday we walked to the field with our pony’s Then once we were on the ponies we heard a noise. was. So I went back to the stable and put the poniesback. And went into the cave it was a baby colt. It was stuck so I quickly relest it. I was a hero me and my friendwher  hero.


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One sunny day, Danny went football with his two sisters Sophie and Chloe.  It was at the dream Stadium, the home of the Railway Men.  As soon as they got there Danny asked for a programme but they hadn’t got anymore.  When they sat down Danny saw a programme.  The game kicked off.  After a while, it was half time so they went to get a drink.  While they were getting a drink they heard a terrifying noise.  The noise was terrifying but the the alex still won two – nil plus his favourite player scored both fantastic free kicks.  Danny really enjoyed his day out at football!

Callum 2

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One sunny day i went to the olympics and saw a race. When i went to the toylet i saw a mirror it was all steamed up. You might know my name it is Borb. My name was on the mirror spelled backwards the noise was terrifying it was a monster. I ran and got a torch and kill the beast. I have to find my mum and dad, i saw nobody in the crowed and everyone were getting in their cars. I said stop to my mum and dad cause they were going they stopped and i went back home.


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At midnight I crept outside because the noise was terrifying but I thought it was a dog, it was coming out out of the back garden. I knew I shouldn’t of come out … SNAP! SNAP! the dog ate her up. Her Dad woke up oh no, Maria, so he dialed nine nine nine. A few weeks later the dog was still roaming around like a lost puppy. No one knew but the terrifying dog went to another house and ate another girl her friend dialed  nine nine nine. The dog was walking in the woods until suddenly a policeman came and took it to the vets to have it put down. Bad dog!


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When the iron man decsended down the rocky like quarry, he was roaring loudly like a spinosaurus. Unexpectedly, the iron man fell down another cliff again like a lion jumping off a cliff and doing three summersauts. He didn’t fall a part but then he heard a strange sound, the noise was terrifying but he followed it. The noise was just the sea but he needed another journey, the journey was to go to a palace and guard a rear sapphire. He was guarding the castle when a man went in and stole the sapphire. He ran as fast as he could and got it back.


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At midnight a boy was walking throw the overgrown forest
and all of a sudden he saw an astonishing house.He walked in and got lost he didnt no where he was.A witch came in and smelt a kid she found him and the next moning the boy escaped but he got lost in the forest.He saw a little hole in the sun light .He went through he wasin Hungary he lived in Florida so he went on and on and on but all of a suden a  noise the noise was terrifing but he could get home he got home really qukily.


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One day I went to Ment City  and I  bought  a  hat, Ment were playing against Eveson and I herd a noise and the noise was terrifying but it was lightning and raining. We had drink’s and food we had some chips. Eveson had a big black coach. It was amazing. It was really fun becuse we had MC donullds for tea.
It was exallent it was great. I had a really good night. It was 1-1.I really enjoyed it.
Eveson  scored first and Ment scored the second gole.
I enjoyed it that mutch, I cant wait to go again.


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One sunny day there was a girl called Sarah who lived with her big sister Lizzy and her mum and dad. They moved into a big old house. When they arived Sarah ran upstairs into the bathroom, she washed her face and looked through the mirror and saw a ghost. She turned around and said “Where’s it gone?” She ran down stairs and told Lizzy and her mum but they didn’t believe her, but it was true. Later Lizzy got dressed and saw the ghost. The ghost walked up to Lizzy and went into her body. When Lizzy came down stairs she wasn’t the same.


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I got out of my comfortable bed and I went in to my to wardrobe, and it sucked me up in two seconds. I was flying through a tunle in miniutes it was a tunnel of lights,. I flew out of a rock it was so amazing. I landed in a huge field I felt some thing in my poket, it felt like some cards it was a card and fore rubber monsters with fore cards it siad monster alive so I prest it. One of the ruber monster came alive. I fought some one. The noise was terrifing but it was my mum she came In my room and woke me it was all a dream.


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I woke up, went downstairs and through the crack in the kitchen curtains I saw a jungle. I went outside to start an adventure in the jungle. When I got into the jungle I heard a terrifying noise, but it was only a bird. Suddenly I heard a huge thing… it sounded like a Dinosaur. I then realised I wasn’t in any ordinary jungle I was in a Dinosaur jungle. I started running as fast as my legs would carry me. When I got home at last, my mum said “where have you been?” “You will never believe me!”. I have been to a jungle.