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Dear Diary,
As you can see my delicious cadbury’s chocolate bar on my worktop is half eaten by some unknown creature lurking under the floorboards waiting for its next feast… What is this creature you ask? Is it the Madoth or possibly the cunning Gruffladon or the chocolaholic elf who only feeds on chocolate? That I’ll never know… But one thing for sure, it’s a pest! But what ever it is I’m going to sprinkle some chocolate over the floorboards and wait for it to feed. Then I pounce on it and take it to the RSPCA… Wish me luck!


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One sunny morning me and my best friend Amy went shopping with her mum, we went to ASDA! I know my way around ASDA well, but Amy’s mum told us to “go and find some chocolate.” We finally found some and when we got back to Amy’s house her dad ate all the chocolate, but left just one in the box. The chocolate looked so delicious! So we decided to split the chocolate up into four bits so we all could taste the delicious chocolate. Afterwards me and Amy went to play in her bedroom until I had to go home.       


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My dinner was lovely four ham rolls and a packet of crisps. When I had ate my dinner my mum brought me out a chochlate bar and when I took my wrapper of the choclate bar there was only a tiny little bit left… what had ate my chocolate was it a choclate monster or was it a mouse who knows. I got up and went into the other room seeing if my mum was there I did not see my mum I saw the choclate monster it was hairy well now I know who kepps taking all of my choclate.


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That evening me Amy, Millie and Chloe sat on my gigantic sofa. My mum got a packet of chocolate and opened it there was a small piece of chocolate. The name was magic chocolate we all took a tiny bite then… We all apeard at a strange place it was scary. Appeard out of no where was a huge hole it came closer we fell in. There was two little girl she lead us to a door there names were Lucy and Maisey they came through the door. They felt so lonley so they became my sisters my friends went home we made the house bigger.


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One day there was a country called Nights Bridge and in that country was a very posh factory what made anything what you adore aspeciely chocolate. It was a very populer place but one day there was a compertion were who ever gets a goldern ticket gets to go to the food awards one day there was a little girl called Amy, then she heard about the goldern ticket she bought a bar and she
won a ticket she was so amazerd she rushed home to tell her mum.when she tryed the bar she knew the main ingreedeonce it was white she spoke she had won a holiday to Spain.


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one day my frend isabell came round. we wer waching a moovy it was calld terrer in the hall it was a scary moovy we went to look for some treats we found a small peace of chocolet cace we sterd at the chocolet cace fore afyew seconds then ran in to the living room and sliced it in hallf and gobled it up thay both wanted some more so thay hunted fore some more cace thay looked up sters and down sters but thay could not find eny more isaball went home and ther wasnt eny more cace at all.


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One terrifying night me and my friend Cain were whatching a scary movie it was called Cabin in the Woods. it was sooo scary that Cain kept going to the loo but he didn’t really want too go he just wanted to get out of the room. As quick as a wizz kid but I was sitting there waiting and waiting untill suddenly a big BANG!!! went off and the men and womean were distraught ahhhhhh thats all i could here soo I shouted and shouted untill the house nearly turned into a ant I went downstairs and got a big bar of milk white chocolate. Soo I was there and my friend peeked there and he went yummy chocolate and i said oh i thought you’dd hat to do that Cain.


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One sunny day I was playing with my friends Ellie and Millie. I went to get something to eat and on the side I saw a little cake with some crumbs next to it so someone must have eaten another one. I went and said to my dad ” Hey dad !  In the kitchen there were some chocolate crumbs next to a small cake and I was wondering, because you love cakes so much have you eaten the other one now tell me the truth?”  “Oh the cake with the yellow cream?”” Yes ” I said. “Sorry I ate it”. said dad.


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One cloudy day a strange little boy was running across the park shouting “help me, help me!” His mum saw him “What is the matter?” she unsurprisingly said.
” I just saw a BEAR”
“A What, a bear”
“Lets get you home you look a bit pale” So she took him back she made him sit down on the sofa, but he could hardly miss the juicy half piece of chocolate just sitting on the table waiting for him to eat it! he got up of the sofa and ate it delicious he thought “Mum can I have chocolate!”


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Macey and the missing brownies

One day a family was walking out of the house to go to the park and when they had left the house somebody else came in. That person was called Macey she came in and sat at the table were there was three plates of chocolate brownies.

Then when Macey felt hungry she so she decided to take a bite out of the large sized brownie but she could not fit it in her mouth so she tried the small sized brownie but it was just too small so M acey decided to take a bit out of the medium sized brownie and that one was just wright.

Lets see what happens in the next chapter.


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One day a girl called Poppy went to a pub with her Mum and Dad and brought three friends Macey, Kate and Hattie. When they got to the pub they went straight into the balls. Poppy’s Dad got Poppy, Macey, Kate and and Hattie a drink. When Poppy, Macey, Kate and Hattie. When Poppy came out of the balls she said “Daddy what drink have you got me and my three friends”

Dad said “I have got you and your friends some coke and because Hattie does not like coke I have got her sprite and I have got Kate some fruit juice”.