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When I look in the pond and when I see a duck it looks up side down our is it me up side down I am conused

May be I am day dreaming count guess I wonder if I shoud ask my mum our dad .  it looks counfterbell to me and it  looks like it hase a friend whith it and  my be a swimmer and I ran in to get my mum she came out and she side there is nothing there but there was just something there you are just  weird.  Go away mum and ran to dad and side whats up and told him.



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One sculching day a jungol in indi.  in indi there was a gerl named sita she was abowt 12 yers olde.  she lived in a street calld sitariea. that street lived next doy to the most famas jugol in indi. so she thort that if she whent in to the jungol.  she cald find a streem she calde see that it leads down the jugol and stops at a realy fritaning  plase.  but she dusont now that there is a nasty man that lives there that is cald ravana he had ten heaeds and he was so nasty that he wonted to cach sita and kill her


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One hot day in a lushes forest I could hear the lovely birds tweeting and I saw a monkey and it looked upside down.  Then in the sky blue water I saw a baby bird looking for food.  By the way the lane is called Ravanafa and the sun was red hot, none could live with the boiling hot weather.  In the distance I could hear birds tweeting and it sounded like they were babies.  Then I suddenly heard the monkeys coming closer and closer and even closer but when I looked around I saw a banana tree and I think that is what they were coming closer.


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One bright sunny day,  I was in the giant amazing jungle I saw a flying brown bird.  On the ground there were pink worms as pink as rosy cheeks!  I saw a marvellous lake with water as clear as glass I dived in and floated but not everyone was happy a monkey was sad monkey it looked upside down,  well it was hanging of a large green wet tree.  I got out of the water and touched it immediately fell to the ground!  “sorry” I cried he said he was fine he said something!  I gave him a banana that’s better


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There was a little girl called Kilu. She was in the jungle. It was fun for Kilu because she met a friend in the jungle called Lola. She has a pet monkey and every time Kilu sees the monkey it looked upside down but it wasn’t. She was very hungry so she ate a leaf and it was that disgusting it tasted like pigs heart. The leaves smelled of bananas. Suddenly my mum came to me and I said “Hi mummy”. She said my breath smelled funny from the leaves. I giggled and so did Lola to. It was raining so my mum went home but she didn’t let me. The ground started to get muddy and I was sad so kilu rang her dad. Finally her dad came and took her home. When she was at home it was a lot more fun but she was sad because she missed Lola. One day Lola came her house and after that she was happy for the rest of her life.


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One bright shiny day there was a adventurus girl named kuli and a big huge bear named kuli as well they went to a shiny wavey river  where you could here birds singing and tweeting  they where at a coulrful forits and wavey trees its smells like flowers and parm trees I can hear water splashing carmly I can tates  like coconuts one day the girl and the bear went to the coulrful forets to splash at the pitiful river they thort that they sore a rock but it wasent a rock it was it was a big foreroshas turtle the tutle got huger by the minit it was getting biger and biger  it exsploed in to huge pices they went to the other side of the river they felt on the feeet spicky pebuls they walked on further and they sore a casle they where saved they went to the casle and sat down the sky looked up side down when they where walking


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One sunny morning in a jungle called Sitarna all you could here was butifall trees swading side to side, the sound of the morning sing song by the birds, the dears running around and all of the wild animals are getting a shower in the warter fall called the sparkling warter. The next morning the jungle was crazy the wiled animals were being dscrasfal, the monkeys  up side down, it looked up side down I am talking the mountins, there is a huge fat grillerhe said “move now “ he was misribal and the eliphants formed a trampeade i was a verry long time


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One sunny morning in a jungle in sitaratha there was some lushes trees,  coloured flowers,  mossy trees and bright blue water.  The ground was soft and beautiful,  colourful.  There was lot’s of animals.  The place,  it looked upside down and most of all there was a beautiful waterfall that had bright blue water rushing down the beautiful waterfall.  Last but not least there was lot’s of  colourful singing parrots.  The lushes trees by now were swaying side to side and everything looked like paradise.  It looked fantastic and like a real jungle again.   felt the breeze like nothing before.

Bethany 2

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One sunny day at sitar I cud hear birds tweeting . I smelt fish on a summers day . pepale looked upside down. it was a fun day.  Every one was playing games and talking about there lives  all day at the sun set they go to sleep. Every day they get up and get dressed and get ready for school to learn .  At the end of  the day I went to my friends haws to play I fell over I said  I want to go home my mum I said can we put are decorations up for Christmas.  My mum said  yes


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One summers morning I went to a Jungle in sitana I smelt  butiful flowers. When I went near the river in the Jungle I herd  the fish swimming under the river and I saw big and green butiful trees with moss all over the tree trunk .  I felt bark under my feet ad a bit of  grass,moss and lots of flowers.  It felt like you where prisend in the forest and it was very dark  I thought it was night time it was that dark  I couldn’t see at all .  A flower hoverd slowly of the ground.


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Deep in the Semboklli with a city near by there was one strange house, it looked upside down.  There were green vines hanging from the giant trees

Spread across the wasteland. Mossy rocks near the waterfalls crashing against the rapids Water battling noise with the waterfalls. Great blue sky soars across heads.  Soft leaves laying there on the grass.  Birds flapping their wings in the air, their beaks pecking at the wood, the Sqirrels get annoyed by the sound.  As the woodland creatures play as summer carries on,  the endless summer.  You could smell the adventure in the air.  wow


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One sunny day in the chambolotyeas it was starting to get  quite warm.  I could hear monkeys trampling in the green leaves  I could see monkeys hanging upside down well it looked upside down.  it was just me hanging upside down I’ll get down ahhhhh  splash  I fell straight in  the water feels so silky perfect for a cool down the sun looks so bright today and the sky is as blue as the pretty blue flowers. .  Its time to go for a stroll in the jungle I’ll climb the tree  it’s a bit dangerous but fun see you later.