Hannah 6

Posted in Year 6

It was now that I realized.

As I peered through the dusty stained glass window of the ancient church suddenly I saw my reflection, well that was the thing really, there was no reflection just a couple of bare trees, sandstone graves and wilting flowers but a blank space where I was standing.

Then it hit me,

That was why everyone was ignoring me and there seemed to be something stopping me from escaping the creepy graveyard.

So I never did escape the filthy clutches of my bloodthirsty murderer with his razor sharp pocket knife and scarred face… a killer.

Ellie 6

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Suddenly I saw marshmallow clouds covering the rosy pink sky. Then I heard someone coming up the drive,(no one that I had seen before.) His big black boots,crunched through the gravel. As he approached the blood red door, the mysterious man lifted his head up and looked at my open window,gave an evil grin and knocked. My mum was at the shop and the door was locked so I wasn’t scared. But when I peeked down through the glass,no one was there. He was in the house.
  Now I was frightened. I heard noises. I turned. He was there…

Joshua 6

Posted in Year 6
The candle flickered out as the light came back on. Smash. The Cubian police burst through the solid oak door with sub- compact machine pistols and they knew how to use them! Suddenly I saw blood spurt everywhere as four sniper bullets shot straight through the police’s eyes.”Go, go, go” commanded Lieutenant Patrick as his eyes twitched at the thought of the same thing happening to him. “Lets move, come on, quick,” he continued. Me and the forty nine other soldiers raced to the black Rolls Royce with bullet proof windows and reinforced steel doors.

I am back at base unconcious and alone…