In a secret base only for dogs a very important agent called Lou was talking to the other agent’s Butch,Scratch and Itch. Then Butch asked Lou  ‘how can I help you?’  Then Lou replied  ‘we have spotted Kitty Galore and she has sent us a video tape’  and then they all looked at the giant screen. Kitty Galore’s eyes started to glow in the darkness but then she said ‘Beware! If you don’t obey me I will unleash my ultimate weapon, the call of the wild and with this satellite I will make it spread all over the world and dogs will go completely insane,’  she shouted.

3 thoughts on “Alfie

  1. Hi Alfie. Well done for contributing to this 100wc. You have thought carefully about the prompts and written a really good piece. I particularly enjoyed reading about your characters who sound fantastic. What a great story with some brilliant vocabulary – well done.

  2. Good job Alfie on the 100WC. I really liked the characters names, keeping with the dog and cat theme. You used words that made it sound suspenseful and exciting – very fun!

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