One morning I went down stairs and the phone rang. I had a call off the hairdressers. They asked me “Would you like to have a job working at the hairdressers?” I said “Great ! that’s fine.” So I went and got dressed and set off to the hairdressers. When I arrived I filled in the forms and started working. I thaught to myself now what do I need ? I need a comb, clips, curlers, hairdryer, apron, shampoo and towel. I’m ready to begin and fetch my customer. I washed her hair and I dryed it with a hairdryer and then I styled it for her.

One thought on “Amy

  1. Hi Amy!

    I enjoyed your 100WC – I think maybe you want to be a hairdresser when you are older?

    Well done!

    Amy 🙂

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