One morning there was a girl called Maia. Her mother went away on holiday so that meant her Dad had to look after her. He went to a concert so Maia had to stay with her Great Aunt Dolly. She was a real pain and so crazy when she spoke to Maia that she nearly fell asleep. She really missed her mother but thought about her friend Lilly. She said ‘’I wonder if Lilly is ok?” When Lilly came she asked ‘’How can I help you to feel better about your mum?” She smiled and said “lets play and have some fun.”

2 thoughts on “Amy

  1. Hello Amy,

    To start, I like the name Maia for you main character. It seems to be a variation of the very popular Miah.

    Did you know Maia was the name of the most beautiful of the mythological nymphs known as the Pleiades? There is a famous open star cluster I see in my night sky known as The Pleiades. One the stars has the name Maia so your character has a star with her name. 🙂

    There is nothing like a friend when you’re in need. Lilly seems to be a very good friend to come to see Maia. A friend to join you in play is a great way to help people feel better.

    Well done! I hope you keep entering the 100WC.

    @RossMannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Hello Amy, it is good to read that Maia eventually got a friend to play with. Moms are great!. Keep blogging.

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