I heard a suspicious noise while I was camping  in an african  safari.  I crept  into the trees and right above my head  stood a  roly poly bird  with  wings as big as a vulcture, glazing pink, orange ,yellow and green fur on them. His pinky blue webbed feet were too small he couldn’t walk. The gleeming orange eyes shining down upon me looked as if  they  would  blind me.  His  verry long tail curled upto his head  even  though his head was as big as a  human. He was as dumb as can be because he  couldn’t see me!

One thought on “Arlo

  1. Goodness Arlo, what an amazing creature you have invented! Well done – and I love the way you have made him so colourful. What a shame he can’t walk or see or talk! Poor thing!
    I like the name Roly Poly Bird.

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