In a far away county  a spider lay dead, we had no evedence but suddenly it dissapeard with  out  a  trace!  I went  into an ally  there he  was  again, he wasn’t dead he was alive… he pounced and pushed me and  I  gave a great yell.  The spider roared and scuttled away as fast as it could. it didn’t look like a real spider . I found a wet soggy cave with  a hundred bats and fifty spiders in  black and white how stange!  suddenly dracula apperded  carefully luckily I’d brought  a wooden peg  that you slay Dracula with, that  was the end of him.

One thought on “Arlo

  1. Oh my Arlo! How scary with all those spiders & a vampire! I’m glad it was only a story and very pleased that you shared it on the 100wc!

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