Once there was a boy named Alex. One day he went for a walk and then he was transported somewhere. He was transported to a Pooey Street. Alex saw an elf looking boy. The boy asked “How can I help you?” Alex said ”What year is this?” The boy said. “ What year is this? You must be joking! It’s 1215.” Alex whispered under his breath. “The Tudor era. Hold on, I’ve got a wire in my pocket. Have you got a car, I mean a carriage?” The boy cried, “of course, get my dads.” “I’m back to the 21st century. I’m home.” Alex said, smiling cheerfully.

3 thoughts on “Ben

  1. Hi Ben. I thought your 100wc was brilliant. I particularly liked the idea of your being transported back to the Tudor era and what a magic piece of wire you must have had! Good user of adjectives too – well done

  2. Congratulations, Ben!
    This is the shortest time travel story I have read so far. And it’s one of the better ones, full of surprises and engaging. I am glad Alex got home safely.
    Thank you for sharing this text with us, Ben.
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards,

  3. Hello Ben, your story is interesting. I guess Alex got confused initially when he met the ‘elf-looking boy’.
    This is creative. Keep writing.

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