“Wow, at last Moby, we’ve found it!” cried Tim. It was the golden temple of the ancients…it was ruled by Incas. It was three million times bigger than the Titanic! So Tim and Moby went inside this twenty million year old triangular shaped lump of gold, to find the ruby and take it back to England. After a while, inside the temple, or should I say tomb, they saw some holes in the wall. Then he saw shapes on the floor so Tim and Moby decided not to step on them. They dodged the shapes and caught the ruby.

One thought on “Ben

  1. I really like your description of the temple – it sounds crazy big! In fact, your story reminds me of a fun platform computer game. With the mention of the tomb, you’ve really got me wondering what’s going to happen now they’ve caught the ruby 🙂

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