In a far away land there was an animal that was called Spider Monkey. He was horrible so everyone kept away. He is the smallest animal in the world and he always climbs trees looking for food. Spider Monkey really wanted people to like him. One day he heard that someone was in danger. He went to look for the noise, it came from a cave, there was a terrifying monster called Deadly Cat. Sadly, there was a tiny Tinth in Cat’s jaws.  Spider monkey sprang off his tiny feet and saved Tinth, quickly he ran away to another Island.

One thought on “Daniel

  1. Daniel, you have created a very interesting animal for the Night Zoo Keeper. Spider Monkey does not appear to be a very friendly animal to begin with but by saving Tinth, the other animals might start to have a different opinion of him. I like the names for your other animals as well. How did you come up with the name Tinth?
    Do keep entering the 100 Word Challenge.
    Mrs Stones

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