Long ago there was a person that was called Nicky, he was getting ready for war.  Suddenly he said “Now what do I need for battle?” He thought I need a sword, a shield and some armour so that I can defend and protect myself. He went to the battlefield and the battle began.  The sound of hundreds of swords clinking together rang through the air.  All the villagers from miles around came to watch.  At the end of the day he was back home and was safe again.  His armour had protected him.  He went to see his friends he said “I made it”.

One thought on “Daniel

  1. Hi Daniel – thank you for entering the 100wc! I enjoyed reading this piece – you have used the prompt well to create an interesting story. One wish I have is that we’d got to hear a bit more about the battle – I love the idea of the sound of the swords ringing through the air and it’d be great to find out more about what happened.

    Keep on blogging!
    Mr K 🙂

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