One day Dan the cat was with his friend Tom. They were playing with a ball then someone in the next room called Lewis asked “How can I help you”? Quick as a flash they went in the next room where Tom was. Without a sound they tiptoed towards him. He was really nice and was with his friend Abbie. He helped Dan win  

because he hurt his leg. He was knocked of f his feet because he was so good.

Then Dan and Tom went home together to have their tea. they had a treat because it was meat. They were so tired they fell asleep.

2 thoughts on “Daniel

  1. Hi and thanks for your 100wc. using speech is a great way to add interest to your writing. You have used the prompt really well and your writing flows and keeps the reader interested.

  2. Daniel,
    A good submission for the 100WC. You have great sentence variety here which flows nicely as Mrs. Robinson said. Keep writing! (Teacher of English, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

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