Josh is a little boy from Rochdale. He’s got a mother called Lisa and a father called Grantly. Quick as a flash the post shot through the door whoooooooosssssh. His mother shouted loudly “Josh”  “WHAT” replied “Josh”. “Don,t you use that tone at me”  his mum said.  “its not that it’s a boring bill that has just come so how can i help you?” said josh. “You can,t help me its got to be paid by today ” “well can i help you pay it by giving you some of my pocket money this month?” he said.

One thought on “Dylan

  1. A lovely piece of writing in your 100WC Dylan! I liked your use of onomatopoeia in the whooooooossshh. I also thought how nice it was that the Josh wanted to offer his pocket money to help his mum out, very sweet.

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