There was once a giraffe named Florrie, she didn’t have spots she was always moaning how she looked but everybody didn’t know she could stand up speak or do makeovers. Step step step came the night zoo keeper “oh know” thought florrie I don’t want him to see me like this he’ll go crazy. So she quickly wiped the makeup off got down on all four legs and was eating her sticks and leaves. Hmmm said the night zoo keeper ohhhhhhh she’s got a bit of makeup ahhhhh said the night zoo keeper your a giraffe not a humean being ahhhhhhhh.

One thought on “Dylan

  1. Wow Dylan, it is so fabulous that your writing has a moral to it! You have created a lovely sense of character in the story.
    Don’t for get to add commas for step., by step- maybe you could use … there to really add suspense. Other than that, very well done!!!

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