Once upon a time there was a pink castle.  Inside that castle there lived a tiny baby called Poppy . As years past Poppy grew up .  When she was ten years old  there was news about kidnapping.  Later that day  she got kid napped the man grabbed her.  Then a boy appeard in the castle her friend  said do you know were Poppy is no she got kidnapping .  With him he had a Dragon.  He flew  to a dusty old house.  Her friend saw Poppy he grabbed her  she fell noisily on the dragon.  The dragon marvellously flew to the castle and all was happy.

2 thoughts on “Ellie

  1. Hi Ellie,
    That was a good story except it was sad. I would never be able to make those five words in a sad story. Next time make sure you look over your blog because there is no talking marks. I like the story though!:)

  2. Hello Ellie,

    You have been able to share quite a good story. It seems your story is a biography of Poppy as it traces her from babyhood to the tragedy of kidnap and rescue. Well done. 🙂

    When I write stories, and that’s very often, I find I always make small mistakes so I reread my work at least once and often many more before I post it. In your story you did have some small errors you may have missed but they didn’t cause any problem in your wonderful story.

    I hope you continue to enter the 100WC. I liked your creative story. 🙂

    @RossMannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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