Later that day I saw a little white spider.  I was so happy.  I am going to keep him as my pet, I thought.  I carefully tip toed across the dirty dusty loft and caught him in my hands. When I looked up closely I saw that somebody had pushed him.  I decided to call him Fifty. I showed him to my Mum and she screamed!  In the next room… There were lots of spiders that would make Mum scream.  Quick as a flash I rushed into my bedroom.  Then my Mum called me down stairs to have my tea.  I like the spider.

3 thoughts on “Ellie

  1. Hello Ellie, lovely to see you taking part in the 100WC.
    I really enjoyed your story, thank you for highlighting the words. You used some super description- I could imagine just what the loft was like. How would you keep a spider as a pet do you think? Keep on writing for the 100WC 🙂

  2. What a super story Ellie. I do hope Mum isn’t too scared with all those spiders around! Thank you for joining the 100WC this week!

  3. Great work Ellie, you have used all of this week’s 100WC words to good effect. I like spiders too and the name Fifty is very original. Next time think about using some interesting words to start your sentences, I like using verbs such as standing, looking and thinking.
    Keep up the good work!

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