“Wow moby  weve found it it is a golden egg!”” yes weve found it” (robot speach).   When Tim was about to grab it lots of peaple from a tribe came out from the trees . Thay caught Tim and moby!  The people took them to a huge palace where thay saw two more golden eggs. “Moby thay were looking for the other golden egg. ” Tim and moby got put in a cage.  Then a dog had a key on its coller.  Tim managed to grab the key off the ugley dog and asscapt.  The tribe never found it.

One thought on “Ethan

  1. Hi Ethan & thank you for entering the 100wc! You have used Tim and Moby’s video to create an exciting story – well done! You’ve crammed a lot of action in your 100 words. One thing I would suggest is to try to include a bit more description in your story – what did the golden egg look like? What about the palace? This helps the reader to imagine what’s going on a bit better.
    Keep on blogging!
    Mr K 🙂

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