This is no ordinary ice cream it is a sweet cone in a gently folded divine cone.  And chocolate chips all over the ice cream and threw all of the chocolate in the middle and all over the ice cream.  It tastes like creamy melted chocolate .Strawberry whippet cream all throw the delicious soft golden cream .this is no ordinary ice cream it is the best Ice cream.  The flake has got chocolate all over and it is so delusions and magnificent.  The chocolate drips of the delicate.  This is ordinary ice cream it is a gorges and sweet delicate and wrapped, lovely ice cream.

One thought on “Ethan

  1. Ethan your lovely story made me hungry for some ice cream! I could almost taste it as you described it so wonderfully. And I love the line “the chocolate drips of the delicate” – very poetic.What a great job of writing you did for the 100WC.

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