In London a very small pigeon thought he wasn’t very good. In a nearby market a peregrine falcon was hunting a mouse through a very crowded London because it was near Bonfire night. Earlier that morning the pigeon n was hatched, therefore he was a hatchling. Breathing heavily the pigeon begged for help so the peregrine falcon replied. Smiling smugly the peregrine falcon nastily said “How can I help you?” and the pigeon replied with “I want to be like you, flying high in the sky and hunting mice.” said the pigeon excitedly.” Well you can’t.” smiled the falcon scarily.” Yes I can.” stamped the pigeon angrily.

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  1. I found your 100WC entry very original Josh, it hadn’t occurred to me that the speakers would be birds! Yet you create a very interesting scenario, which I enjoyed. You coul dmake teh structure a little clearer by using a new paragraph for each turn at talk.

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