“Wow, at last Moby, we’ve found it.”chanted Tim “The mythical, golden armour and weapons.” but only trouble was that there were ten traps…SUDDENLY! a big trap sprung from the earth.  It blocked the armour.  Who knew what other traps there were.  It was quite hard to accomplish the armour of the gods.  After a while they retrieved the armour but it was too dangerous to get back.  So Tim slashed his way through the jungle with the mythical sword. When they escaped the traps they travelled back to their home country and lived a long and happy life in South Wales.

One thought on “Josh

  1. Josh,
    This was a very exciting 100WC to read as it has lots of action. I liked your very good word choices and great spelling also. Be care of proper punctuation. Oftentimes, it let’s the reader pause to take in a great story. Keep up the great writing! (English Teacher, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

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