Welcome to the great One Hundred Word Challenge, people will love to read your exciting work. You can share your great ideas with others around the world.   It’ll make you feel very proud and, it’s rewarding and FUN!  You’ll develop your skills in computer literacy, blogging, planning, vocabulary, sentence structure and creativity. You can also use your imagination in a variety of ways. Have a giant, massive try of the One Hundred Word Challenge. You should really try it.  It’s a really fun way of learning .  So get on the amazing hundred word challenge and have a go now!

One thought on “Josh

  1. Hi, Josh. This is a great 100WC. Not only do you mention all of the good things about it, but your writing conveys the message that you really like the challenge, and you seem to be having fun doing it. I really love your list of all the different ways the 100WC can help students. Excellent entry — I’m glad you like taking part!

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