In a far away island, a fifty year old, white spider carefully pushed across the sticky, wet web to weave a new web. When he got to the end of the web he discovered that the water was melted snow. He got caught in some ice! Frozen to the spot, the spider tried to crawl to the edge of the web so he would fall and the ice would break and he would escape and spin a new web and start all over. Then he said ” Thank goodness for that, almost died out here alone and I;m alive and alone and I’m fifty,I’m free!”

2 thoughts on “Josh

  1. Hi Josh, the fifty year old spider is sure lucky that it did not get trapped in the ice.
    Your story s interesting. Well done!

  2. What a scientific piece this is Josh. I have learnt lots about ice and water and freezing! Thank you for sharing your work on the 100WC!

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