This is now ordanary ice cream this is the sizziling summer suprise. Its full of freshness and full of suprise.  You will never beleve it.  Its full of fudge its made out of hand made its drenched with cream and mint ice cream.  I am using a waffle cone some fudge , mint ice cream some deliciouse sprinkles and some crunchy nuts and lots of honey.  This is no ordInary ice cream;  this is the sizziling summer surprise ice cream factory ever!  You’ll never believe how crunchy it is and how it melts in your mouth.  It’s the best in the world, the very best!

One thought on “Leon

  1. Hi Leon, I love the alliteration in your opening sentence. Your special ice-cream sounds absolutely marvellous, I’d quite like to try one too! You’ve certainly made it sound like the best ice-cream in the world with your great description.
    Have a great summer holiday and don’t forget the 100 Word Challenge starts again in September.
    Mrs Stones

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