In a far away country, there was a fireman called Theo and another fireman called Josh. Earlier that morning,
they set of to rescue a cat who had climbed up a tree but then before Theo could get the cat, it jumped out the tree and ran in the house. Just a second earlier, the phone rang.”Fire department here how can I help you?” “My house is on fire please could you use you hose because my dads in there and he can’t get out, please could you help me?” “We’ll be right there.”
Emergency! emergency! house on fire. Then Josh said “I’ll be there in a minuet.”

One thought on “Lewis

  1. Hi Lewis. You have used the prompt well, I liked how you brought in the emergency services. Your use of dialogue works well. Try starting your story a little later, the cat does not play a key part in the story. You could then have described the fire in more detail, adding description helps your reader to imagine what is happening.

    Thank you for your 100WC entry.

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