In a far away country along the sea there was a robber called Tom. There were speed boats as well. Tom stole one with out permission. The lifeguard rang the police. Then he SHOUTED. Get that thief. The police got on the police boats. Tom went all around the city. Tom got off the boat and started to run. He jumped onto a ferry and went forty miles. Then he went to a hotel. He hid in the attic. The police said where is he? In the attic said the owners “can I help you with anything?” The police went up to the attic and said “your in big trouble!” The police arrested Tom.

2 thoughts on “Liam

  1. Hello Liam,

    This is an interesting story about crime and capture. I was glad to read Tom was captured at the end of the story. Crime shouldn’t pay.

    Remember to use the prompt as given each week. With a small change you easily would have had the full prompt in your wonderful crime drama.

    Well done! I hope you keep entering the 100WC. 🙂

    @RossMannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Goodness Liam! what an adventurous piece you have written. I should think Tom was in big trouble after all that. It is super to see your work being shared on the 100WC.

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