Once there was a little girl called Zoë. She had a little brother called Christopher. Zoe’s brother wanted to play football but Zoe didn’t want to play. “Come on Zoe” said Christopher.  Zoe said “alright but only one game.” Christopher ran and ran .Christopher asked “who will be in goal”?  ” can I be in goal?” asked  Christopher. A few minutes later Zoe’s freind came along he was called George. Goerge asked “how can I help?” “Zoe said you can go in header with christopher”. “Come on your taking for ever” said Zoe. Quick as a flash Zoe saved the ball. Christopher and George said “awww so close”. “Come on got to win this one” said George. After that they went to have there tea.

2 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. Hi and well done for taking part in this 100wc. You have shown a clear understanding of speech in your writing. Your story has a clear beginning and end and flows well. Some extra interesting vocabulary and it would be even better – well done.

  2. Lucy,
    What a nice sister character you have created! Good use of speech in this 100WC–be mindful of the commas within the direct quotes. Keep up the good work! (Teacher of English, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

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