The chocolate rabbit melted in the sun. Big mummy rabbit was crying her eyes out. Her kids were in the kitchen and she said” WHO’S DONE THIS?” ” We did”explained the kids by accident said the kids. They all cryed and shouted “we’re sorry mummy”. Big mummy said “or right I’ll let you off”. The kids played highed and seke in the garden. The rabbit mummy sat down with a lovly drink and watched them play together nicely. But when daddy rabbit came in the kids hit him with a football. “Ow, that hert who did that?” “We did” said the boys, ” it was an accident”. “They have had lots of accidents today” said mummy rabbit.

One thought on “Lydia

  1. Hey Lydia, that was really amazing I liked the bit when it said that they cryed and shouted.

    Welldone :]

    p.s my name is also Lydia

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