Tim said “wow at last Moby, we’ve found it. They walked forwowd and the treasure was right in front of them. Then they fell to the floor and said this is ours, were rich. In the jungle Tim and Moby got some bags and got the treature. They took it to there house. They wen’t steeling it was theres they hid it there. So there they were at home relaxcing. On a cold morning when they woke up the treature was still there. They got there clothes on and they went to buy two beds for them. They got them and when they were on there way back. They met a loin called tom. He was really helpfull

One thought on “Lydia

  1. Hi Lydia,
    Well done for an amazing post. Your ideas are really creative and I enjoyed reading this work. I really like the idea of a helpful lion name Tom too. To improve, watch out for spelling and full stops. Remember the difference between there and their. Keep up the great work.

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