The year before, the fifty huge spiders carefully pushed a gigantic log over the bridge where the white lake was, they pushed all the disgusting logs over the bridge.  Now they had much more space to live in.  Meanwhile the big mummy spider was looking after the huge, hairy spiders.  Only a minute ago one egg had cracked and mum said it’s a new white baby spider  Across the river there was a big terrifying beastly, hairy, scary, spider who was always fighting.  Smiling smugly the fifty spiders sneaked behind a building.  Then the other fifty white spiders had a battle with the hairy spiders.

3 thoughts on “Lydia

  1. Goodness Lydia! So many spiders – how scary! You only needed to use the words on e so may be next time you could save some of those precious 100 words. I’m so pleased to see your work on the 100wc!

  2. Goodness Lydia! What a lot of spiders! Very scary! You only
    need to use each word once so may be next time you will be able to use some different ones like creatures perhaps? Super to see your work on the 100wc this week!

  3. Hello Lydia, thank you for taking part in the 100WC. I liked your description of the hairy scary spider! I wonder what made the spiders want to battle with each other? Which ones were the winners? You gave the reader lots to think about! Well done.

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