This is no ordinary ice cream …..

Pure dark chocolate dripping down onto

The delicious chocolate cone. Smooth soft

Mashmelows will get your taste buds

Tingle. creamy strawberry ice cream it

Smells gorgeous .the chocolate cone is

So tasty you want believe your eyes. The

Sprinkles are really sweet it smells like

Heven you wont believe your eyes.

….This is no ordinary ice cream ….

It is smoother than anything in the world so try the new divine ice cream

It will blow your mind. It is verry smooth in your mouth. Melting slowly

Careful dripping mad it will make you want more. Fab ice cream.

One thought on “Millie

  1. Hi,
    I really like your story because it is about ice-cream, you were discribing how it was melting, how it tasted and how it was smoother5 then anything.
    From Alyssa

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