One cold morning Tom was playing in the garden. He was playing in the snow he was building a snow man. Tom was thinking of a name for the snow man “”oh yes Dan”.  Suddenly Tom fell on Dan. Dan asked “how can I help you?” Tom said “”oh you can speak.” Megan Toms mum said “who are you speaking to?” Tom said nobody. Dan said “lets go to the market.” Tom did not say anything and ran inside. Megan said “what is the matter with you?”  Tom did not say anything and ran up stairs. Tom said to him self that is a very horrible snowman.

One thought on “Rosie

  1. Hello Rosie, a talking snowman was a very original idea for this week’s 100WC. I wonder why Tom thought he was horrible.
    Well done for using speech in your writing. Next time add in some descriptions of how your characters are feeling. ( I expect he was pretty surprised when the snowman spoke- I would have been!)
    Mrs Halford (Team 100WC)

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