One cold night the animals were asleep except one it was horseroo he  ate other animals. He was hairy and very bouncy. He was very fat because he ate animals. He had spots. His spots were black. The zoo keeper was asleep and horseroo went to find some food. He woke  a very kind animal they started to fight. Then it woke the zoo keeper  up he got  up and went to them.He stopped the fight and horseroo never killed a animal out of the zoo again. They were all kind so they lived happily in the zoo.

2 thoughts on “Rosie

  1. I’m glad to see that the Horseroo stopped eating other animals – you definitely wouldn’t want him in the enclosure next to yours if you were an animal would you!I wonder what the Night Zoo Keeper said to make him stop?

    I liked the fact that you drop in physical descriptions whilst telling us about what the cheeky Horseroo got up to.

    To develop your writing further, you could read through before you post and identify any missing full-stops to help the reader.

    Keep posting,
    Mrs Ratcliffe

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