One hundred years ago there was a marvelous castle something was not right. The castle was big it was very clean and it was pink. People lived in it so it was not that bad. The knights did not ride horses they flew in an airplane the airplane was noisy. So they set off noisily they went to fight. They flew of and started fighting with some other knights. They went back to the lovely castle they told the king and queen what they had done. The queen was very funny she had curly hair. If the king was bad she would look after him.

One thought on “Rosie

  1. Hello Rosie!
    You have really thought about this castle & how you can fit the words from the prompt into your story. I think it would be even better if you could read it through (out loud is best) to see where you could tweak it so that it really makes sense all the way through. Hope to see your work again on 100WC!

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