Thomas 100WC

Earlier that morning the fifty foot spider was spinning a beautiful white web.  Around the corner,  lived his mum.  Bob thought that he could get up to mischief.  Quick as a flash,  Bob saw another spider what was scuttering across the road.  The spider he saw was a horrible spider because he had captured Bob’s dadCarefully Bob crept out of his web and went to his mother.  Bob tried to tell her, she didn’t listen, Bob pushed more and then she listened to him.  After a while,  Bob saw the spider that had captured his Dad so his mum went over and killed him.

2 thoughts on “Thomas 100WC

  1. Crumbs Thomas! what a terrifying piece with so much killing! glad it was only spiders!! I loved ‘scuttering’ because that is what spiders do when they are in a hurry don’t they. It is so good to see your work on the 100WC this week!

  2. Hello Thomas, goodness me, a fifty foot spider! How did the Mum kill the spider? She was brave to do so, I wouldn’t want to come across a spider that big. Thank you for taking part in the 100WC

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